How are BTW machines built?


The design of machinery requires knowledge, experience, appropriate tools and an understanding of the industry. At BTW, we design and build machines and devices to automate, streamline and improve the safety of the manufacturing process.

A thorough understanding of the problem

To achieve this, the team of designers, automation engineers and assemblers cooperate at each stage of the project. A thorough analysis of the problem and the preparation of an action plan enables us to avoid costly mistakes.

Efficient design

The Solid Edge environment that we work in means that we are able to make use of convenient design, strength simulations and the efficient definition of individual construction units including the machining operations that are necessary for their production.

State-of-the-art technology

We use the latest achievements available in industrial automation, electronics and control engineering. We rely mainly on drivers and operator panels from Siemens.

Production line for woven polyester multitube gauntlets

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