Variety of possibilities


Would you like to modify your machine so as to reduce the production costs or improve the quality of production?

Many years of cooperation with the beverage, packaging, cosmetic and automotive industries have allowed us to gain knowledge and experience, which we use to provide high quality services, even in unusual cases and under the pressure of time.


Together we will develop the best solution to modernise the design of your machine. When implementing the project, we will take into account the specific characteristics of the production line, operator activity, availability of parts, maintainability, performance and safety requirements.

Types of Modifications

We make comprehensive and extensive modifications, which include, but are not limited to:

  • adaptation of machines for quick tool change;
  • modernisation of machines by adding RFID systems, scanners, sensors, new references;
  • replacement of worn components with no technical documentation, i.e. the reconstruction of documentation and the production of details;
  • measurements and modifications in the field of acoustics and vibroacoustics;
  • automation and streamline of the palletising process;
  • extension of belt conveyors, pneumatic conveyors and semi-product feeding systems;
  • modification of process line storage bins
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